Citrix Linux VDA 1.4 CentOS 7.2 - Linux XDPing Tool

Linux XDPing tool for troubleshooting configuration issues within a Linux VDA.

Linux XDPing tool is a small command-line utility that helps you troubleshoot configuration issues within a Linux VDA environment.


Download the latest linux-xdping.tar.gz from the Citrix KB.

Transfer the file to the VDI machine - you can use WinSCP.

In this instance the file was saved to /tmp/xdping.

Citrix Linux XDPing Download

Then unzip the file using the following command:

tar xvzf linux-xdping.tar.gz

Unzip XDPing

Install XDPing

sh yum -y install ./RHEL/xdping-

The Citrix article documents the parameters needed, but you can simply run xdping to run all the tests.


Linux XDPing Tool Download

Windows VDA XDPing Tool Download